Four Things Doctor Who Has Taught Me


You Can Choose Your Family

For a while now the Doctor has been the last of the Time Lords, and even though we now know that Gallifrey was not, in fact, destroyed in the time war, for a long time he was still, essentially, alone, the only Time Lord still active in the universe (aside from, obviously, Missy, but we could hardly count her as good company). And even now that Gallifrey is officially back, there isn’t much love lost between the Doctor and the inhabitants of his homeworld. And yet, the Doctor seldom travels alone. Throughout the fifty plus year history of the program, the Doctor has had many companions, and they each bring out the best of him, and he, in turn, them. And then, of course, there is the TARDIS, a companion in its own right. An outdated model that was on display in a museum, the Doctor’s TARDIS has been with him through thick and thin. What this means to me is that none of us have to be alone. We may not have family that is flesh and blood to us, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a family. We can choose our own family.


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