5 More Things We As Fans Need To Stop Doing

Complaining About Costumes Before You See The Actual Costume

Complaining about an unfinished product is stupid. It isn’t finished. How do you know you won’t like it once it’s complete? You can’t, not really. So why complain about it? I just saw something like this with regard to the Black Panther set pictures that leaked. People are already giving their opinions on it, as if what they’d seen was an official release of the actual costume as it will look onscreen in the movie.

It’s also happening with the new Spiderman. As I’m writing this no one can confirm that they’ve actually even seen that suit, and people have been complaining based on what they’ve heard about it. Really people? That’s a bit like looking at all the ingredients of a cake and telling everyone how disgusting the cake is. Maybe we should, oh I don’t know, try a slice first?

In conclusion, it just occurred to me that this post sounds almost like—shudder—a rant. But I assure you, dear reader, it is not. I’m not angry. I don’t dislike my fellow fanboys and fangirls. It’s only that sometimes, some of us do things that, well, that are dumb. Maybe we should all try not to do those things.


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