5 More Things We As Fans Need To Stop Doing

Insisting On Absolute Solidarity To The Source Material

As much as I love comics, there are characters and stories that would be absolutely stupid if they were translated to the big or small screen. Print and film are two very different mediums, and what works in one doesn’t necessarily work in another. We really should know that by now. Case in point: Green Lantern. Or, heck, the first two Fantastic Four films. In both of these examples, the films drew very heavily on the comics, and look at the result. You don’t want to, do you?

Sometimes, things have to be changed. We can’t expect a film adaptation of our favorite comic book to be a frame-by-frame replication of that comic book. Not to keep bringing up the Fantastic Four, but have you read their original origin story in the comics? It really makes no sense, on like, a dozen different levels. Something like that can’t just be transposed onto film and expected to work. Heck, it barely works in the comics. The long and short of the matter is that as long as there are films being made using characters that originated in comic books, TV shows, manga, or cartoons, these films will always be adaptations, which means that they will be adapted to suit the new medium in which they are presented. It’s a very simple concept, and it doesn’t make any sense to get worked up every time we hear about some change the filmmakers are introducing.

Another thing that doesn’t make any sense…


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