5 More Things We As Fans Need To Stop Doing

Making Everything A Competition

There are people who prefer Marvel Comics over DC. There are people who prefer DC Comics over Marvel. There are even people who enjoy—gasp!—both.

A movie’s making more money at the box office doesn’t make that a better movie. It’s validating when a film based on your favorite character and/or franchise is successful. But that doesn’t make said franchise subjectively any better than another.

What’s especially annoying are the memes. People pit these franchises against one another, making it an us-vs-them scenario that really doesn’t exist. So Jurassic World beat Avengers: Age of Ultron at the box office. How many people saw both? I know I did, along with just about every single person I know. Which means that if it is really an us-vs-them scenario, which side are we on? Do you think the people who work for Marvel froth in hateful rage whenever they come across a person that works for DC? Heck, there are artists and writers that regularly do work for both, and there basically always have been.

So, yeah, we get it, you like Batman. That doesn’t mean you have to talk trash about Iron Man. And speaking of Bats…


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