5 More Things We As Fans Need To Stop Doing


This will be a short entry, because I really don’t have all that much to say about it. It’s one thing to choose not to see a movie because you don’t want to. It’s an entirely different thing to try and rally others to your not-seeing-the-movie cause. And by completely different thing, I mean completely stupid thing that no one should do. I saw an online petition to force Fox to halt production of the newest Fantastic Four. Some Einstein posted it three days before the movie came out. Even if every single person on the planet signed it twice, I doubt any petition would force a studio to recall a movie three days before it premiers. Petitions and boycotting are, ultimately, an entirely useless gesture. Movies are a huge investment of time and money, and if a studio decides to make that investment, it’s because they believe that there is a good possibility on a return for that investment, and a few dozen angry fans voicing their outrage online or on message boards is probably going to do precisely zilch to change that.

Moving on…


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