Adventures In Cosplaying

It’s All About the Kids

I was Spiderman this weekend. And yes, I know that I was one of the two dozen other people dressed as some version of Spidey, and yes, I know that I am, alas, without any superpowers. But to the roughly seventy kids I was privileged to meet and take pictures with, I was the real deal.

It wasn’t something I had anticipated. I mean, I know Spiderman is a popular character. But when I got to the site, I was just another guy in a costume. Until I put on the mask. Within two minutes cute little kids were pointing and waving and running over to say hi to me. Throughout the weekend parents stopped me to take pictures with their kids, toddlers wobbled over to hug me. It didn’t matter that I was just a dude in a costume. As far as those kids were concerned, they were meeting the real Spiderman in the flesh. And it was, for me, the greatest thing ever.

But not in an egotistic way. I knew it wasn’t really me they were excited about, and that if I weren’t wearing the mask they wouldn’t have paid any attention to me at all. But seeing their faces light up and hearing their stories was one of the most touching and special things I’ve ever experienced.

And speaking of experiences…


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