Adventures In Cosplaying

This Stuff Matters

To know me is to know that I am a geek. I would say that superheroes composed at least fifty percent of my upbringing. They have always been and continue to be a big part of my life. I know that. I’ve known all that for a while now. But I feel that this weekend I discovered just how much this stuff means to me. And to a lot of people. These characters, fictional though they may be, aren’t just things we watch on TV or in the movies, or read about in books or comics and then forget about. They’re more than cool costumes or awesome abilities or cheeky catchphrases. These characters teach us, inspire us, comfort us. They make us better human beings. And as cheesy as that may sound—and believe me, in six months when I reread this, I’ll probably think it’s cheesy too—it’s true. For a lot of people, of all ages and from all backgrounds. I know because I saw that this weekend. I feel like for four days, we were able to come together, bask in and celebrate our geekiness, and be better people for it.

Even though there were people of all different ages at Comicon this year, there was one particular group that stood out to me…


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