Adventures In Cosplaying

Of Course, There Were Haters

According to Urban Dictionary, a hater is, ‘A person that simply cannot be happy for another person’s success…they make a point of exposing a flaw in that person.”

‘Hater’ is usually a word I don’t use, and it’s always a word I don’t like, because for one I think there are better terms for what a hater is, and also, people always misuse the word. When you play your music too loud on a bus, for example, and people complain, they aren’t ‘haters.’ They just don’t like what you’re doing, and justifiably so. Also, you are a jerkwad if you do that.

Anyways, alas, this weekend, I encountered a handful of honest-to-goodness haters. These were people who came to Comicon, for whatever reason, and openly criticized Comicon. Not this particular one, but the concept in general.

I walked past a group of people just hanging out outside the convention center, talking about how hard it was to get anywhere downtown with the crowds. One of them said that he’d had enough and would start “shoving people out of the way,” because “it’s not like these nerds have any social skills anyway.”

Had this come from an obvious nerd, say, someone who was in costume or something, that wouldn’t have been as offensive. Maybe. But this guy meant his remark in all seriousness. You could hear the derision in his and his friends’ voices. So like, why were you there? Seriously, why? If you ever read this Mr. Motorcycle Jacket/Goatee/sleeveless denim jacket Guy—and why would you, but if you do—please, answer me. Comment or email me or something. Because I’d really like to know.

Either way, this little unpleasant tidbit was far eclipsed by a much more powerful revelation…


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